Nov 10 2012


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The desirable Upper West Side of New York City is a fusion of vibrant culture, groundbreaking theatrical performances, globally renowned institutions, upscale designer shopping, and world-class gourmet dining. Nearby attractions include the famous Beacon Theatre, The American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, New York Historical Society, Lincoln Center, and Columbus Circle.

Experience the enchanting history and architectural delight of a golden era. The historic landmark building is a New York City attraction all on its own. Designed by the distinguished architect Emery Roth in 1901-03, the building, once referred to as a skyscraper on Broadway, was first amid the luxurious buildings in New York City. In designing the Belleclaire, Roth combined Beaux Arts principles with Art Nouveau-Secessionist style that is regarded today as a “fascinating stylistic anomaly” worthy of landmark status.

Hotel Belleclaire is the ideal destination for a memorable New York City visit.  Explore the majestic history of a landmark that embraces old world charm; distinguished by legendary service and personalized luxury.


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Jun 08 2013

Advantages of Fly with New York Private Jet

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It is important to save time on a business trip, especially for busy executives. There is no time to wait and sit through flight delays and the long line security checkpoint. If you are dealing with many businesses in a day, you need to choose convenient fight that fit with your needs. To have a flexible schedule with your flight and arrive at the destination on time, a private jet is the best solution for you.

With private jet charter, people can fly with style anywhere they want to go. The private jet is the best choice for you who want extra comfort in flight. The private jet is equipped with the finest furnishing and bigger seats. You can enjoy a wide variety of food and beverage while you fly with this private aviation. This is great for you who want to save time because there is no wasting time on security checkpoint, departure, or boarding delays.

It is easy to bring your organization or business team with the same flight, even do a small meeting when you fly. There is no worry about damage luggage or equipment because you will get the VIP service for your luggage from the staffs. So, what are you waiting for? Get quote of New York Charter Flights for your business trip today!

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May 23 2013


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There are many Switzerland Tourism attractions we can enjoy. When you feel that your life is dull and boring, it means that you need to escape and get a life out there. It is time to explore Switzerland. Somehow, Switzerland is one place that you have to visit before you die. There are many stunning views you can enjoy at Switzerland. You can enjoy the elegant cities, the beautiful villages, and of course the amazing Alps. On your Switzerland vacation, you may encounter a problem. That is where you should go and see in Switzerland. There are too many places to see. Well, the first place you have to visit is the Swiss Alps. The Swiss Alps are considered as the most spectacular and beautiful mountains in the world.

Spending some quality time for Switzerland Honeymoon will be worthwhile. Enjoying the Swiss Alps can create a more romantic moment with your spouse. In one case, you can visit the Pennine Alps. You and your spouse can enjoy sitting at the foot of the Matterhorn. Even though it might be quite pricey but it is worth every penny since you will feel like you have found paradise on earth. The view is definitely breath-taking. Having seen the view of Swiss Alps will be the memory of a lifetime as newly married couple. If you are a fond of city tour, you can explore some remarkable cities there. Some cities which are worth it to visit are Bern, Zurich, Lucerne, Lausanne, Lugano, Basel, and Geneva.

If you are lucky, you can even get Free Swiss Trip. At MakeMytrip, you can be eligible for special offers. You can simply drop a query on the website. Taking train journeys can be an excellent option. You can take the Glacier Express or the Bernina Express. Anyway, do not forget to bring your camera.

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May 09 2013

How to Find the Best Travel Deals

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Millions of people go on vacation every year with their families. They often plan well in advance so they can get the best deals possible so they can save money in this tough economy. If you want to go on a nice vacation but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it, then you should check out You will be able to find the latest travel deals and discounts so you won’t have to break the bank when you go on your vacation. So if this is your first time booking your vacation or you just are sick and tired of using a local travel agent because you have to pay them a commission on top of your vacation package, then you need to know how to find the best travel deals.

Use a Search Engine

The first place many people end up going to when they are planning their vacation is to use a search engine to figure out where they want to go before they start booking plane tickets and hotel rooms. You will be able to type in any city you are interested in and figure out if that is a place you want to visit or not. You will also find out what attractions the city has and what hotels are in the area. The search engine is also useful if you are trying to find travel deals, but a great place to look is on the Expedia website. You will get the best deals and discounts around when you book through a travel deals website.

Look for a Travel Deals Website

The next place you can look for the best travel deals is on a vacation discount website. You will find all the latest deals when you search through their website so you can get the best possible rates for your room, ticket, car rental and cruise. You can even look through a variety of types of vacation packages that will help you save even more money than if you were to book everything separately. You don’t want to use a local travel agent if your goal is to save money instead of spending it. Many families end up choosing to buy all-inclusive vacation packages so they can afford to take their children along with them. You will be able to keep money in your pockets once you finish planning your vacation on a travel deals website.

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May 07 2013

Easy Charter Jets for Corporate Vacation

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There are many reasons why people like to use jet charter today. Jet charter offers a lot of benefits for the clients. First of all, with choosing flight with jet, you can save a lot of time. There is no need to wait in a line, flexible schedule, and finest furnishing. If private jets only used by rich people in years ago, now people can charter jet airplane anytime.

You can use Corporate Jets charter for business traveling with your business partner. Premium WI-Fi internet connection and comfortable seats in the plane allows you to work on the air easily. Each jet charter equipped with elegant furnishing and first-class service to make clients comfortable. In this time, you just need to call to charter a jet for your leisure trip or business vacation. With jet charter, there is no worry about late.

Your airplane will wait for you. Jet aircraft will fly according to your schedule. You can enjoy delicious food and beverage with special menu. Luxury aircraft jet is the one that you need if you want to fly with style. In this time, you can find some aircraft jet companies. Before make your decision, it is a good idea if you read customer’s testimonials before charter. Visit now!

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